Do you know the inners of the GS/OS AppleDisk5.25 driver? Do you even know its limits? Don’t you want to bypass them? That is the aim of that project.


This project is motivated by several ideas and notices:

  • I crack Apple II programs (
  • The list of Apple II protections and disk formats is verrryyy long (my nextJuiced.GSĀ article)
  • I have written other GS/OS File System Translators I cannot test šŸ™

Then, I find it interesting to understand that driver:

  • How it works
  • Know its features
  • List its limits
  • Enhance it to provide new features

Note that a part of that job has already been done when developing theRDOS.FSTĀ but it is not complete (as it is a part ;-), therefore I will write my own wish-list to Santa GSOS…

Dear Santa, I would like to…

  • handle 13-sectors disks
  • format 13-sectors disks
  • format DOS 3.3 16-sectors disks (I know, it is the job of a FST…)
  • create a 4*4 nibbles 10-sectors disk (why not?)
  • be able to create disk images with Ninjaforce’sĀ AsimovĀ or Eric Sheperd’sImageMaker

Any other ideas? Feel free to use the Contact page to send me an email.