Apple II cassettes

From 1977 to 1982, several companies produced cassettes for the first Apple IIs. This project deals with providing Apple II enthusiasts with scans and audio extracts of those cassettes.

Find an archive of the different programs that have been read (audacity) and transformed (ciderpress) into a computerized format. Each folder contains pictures of the cassette as well as an archive of the audio file (WAV, 22 kHz, 8-bit mono)

YOU can participate in that project by providing me with your cassette scans and audio extracts, I’d be delighted to upload your contents to our site. I think it may then move to a secure repository (even though I make backup of the site)

Apple II cassettes per publisher

  • Download Apple’s directory of 1978 – (Thanks to Dirk)
  • Adventure International, a division of Scott Adams, Inc.
  • Andromeda Computer Systems
  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Apple Orchard
  • Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
  • Automated Simulations
  • Beagle Bros.
  • Bit Action
  • Cascade Games Ltd
  • CDS Corp.
  • Charles Mann & Associates
  • Columbia Computer Systems
  • Computer Services Company
  • Computer Systems
  • Creative Computing Software
  • Eastern House Company
  • Frisbee Electronics
  • Harvey’s space ship repair
  • Hayden Book Company, Inc.
  • Image Computer Products
  • Instant Software, Inc.
  • Magnemedia, Inc.
  • Microcomputer Games, a division of The Avalon Hill Game Company
  • Microsoft, Inc.
  • Miscellaneous cassettes (let’s say it… copies)
  • Mountain Hardware, Inc.
  • Micro Users Software Exchange
  • Personal Software
  • Powersoft Inc.
  • Programma International, Inc.
  • Quality Software
  • Rainbow Computing, Inc.
  • Sensible Software
  • Softagon
  • Softape
  • Sonotec
  • Southwestern Data Systems
  • Speakeasy Software Ltd
  • subLogic
  • Symtec Inc. / ABW Corp.
  • Synergistic Software
  • Systems Design Lab
  • The Software Factory
  • Download an archive of the programs extracted from the cassettes