Brutal Deluxe Software is a small group of programmers located in Paris, France

What’s up, doc?

  • 20100101 – My collection of Apple II cassettes
    Discover Antoine’s collection of Apple II cassettes. Starting now with everything but the audio part.
  • 20100101 – Bonne ann√©e 2010 !
    Happy new year 2010 to you and yours, may the Apple II power be with you ūüôā
  • 20091106 – La Vulgate : Today Is The Day
    The rebirth of the Apple IIgs…
  • 20091105 – Documentation: Protocol Converter
    Discover the documentation of what I believe is the previous name of the Smartport, thank you Bill…
  • 20090926 – Sword of Sodan: behind the scenes
    Discover the hidden routines of the world-famoud 3-level demo of that fantastic Apple IIgs game…
  • 20090914 – MountIt 1.2 likes removable disk images
    MountIt 1.2 now handles up to 16 removable devices. It also removes disk images softly when switching to ProDOS 8.
  • 20090831 – MountIt 1.1 likes variable image sizes
    MountIt 1.1 now recognizes ProDOS disk images from 32KB to what your IIgs offers and uses a new means to recognize ProDOS images which allows you to mount virtually all of your beloved disks.
  • 20090825 – MountIt in ShrinkIt
    Please find a SHK version of MountIt.
  • 20090824 – The Flaming Bird Disassembler update
    Thanks to a discussion with Sheppy, I updated TFBDisasm to make it Sweet16 compatible. Feel free to download that update.
  • 20090817 – Mount Disk Image
    The “summer holidays” project has turned into a product: MountIt, or the ability to mount up to eight disk image files as virtual image volumes under GS/OS. Open your .2MG, .DSK or .PO of 140/800KB ProDOS images directly from the Finder. The source code is included.
  • 20090706 – Mount Disk Image
    Our latest project deals with mounting disk images within GS/OS and the Finder. Stay tuned for more information, this is the “summer holidays” project…
  • 20090706 –¬†La pomme illustr√©e
    The missing issues are now online, thanks to Olivier.
  • 20090202 –¬†The GS/OS AppleDisk5.25 Project
    Updates, updates!
  • 20090201 –¬†The Flaming Bird Disassembler
    Download the most powerful Apple IIgs disassembler in the world.
  • 20090201 –¬†Disassembly of VisiCalc
    In response to a message in comp.sys.apple2, find the disassembly of VisiCalc 1981.
  • 20090111 –¬†Lots of new documents!
    Thanks to David Craig, find the source code of SOS 1.3, ProDOS 8 1.7, DOS 3.3c and tons of information on the Apple III and the IWM.
  • 20090111 –¬†The GS/OS AppleDisk5.25 Project
    Updates, updates!
  • 20081114 –¬†The GS/OS AppleDisk5.25 Project
    Another project to enhance the features of the well-known AppleDisk5.25 driver from GS/OS.
  • 20081110 –¬†The Tinies & Tinies Construction Kit
    Just added the source code of The Tinies and Tinies Construction Kit.
  • 20080624 –¬†The 2008 projects section added
    From time to time, we will put online the different projects we are working on.
  • 20080504 –¬†Second Sight manual
    Thanks to Macdog, the Second Sight manual is now online.
  • 20080420 –¬†Langue d’Ocs GS
    Thanks to Deckard, Brutal Deluxe’s demo for Langue d’Ocs GS, the first and only one IIgs version of the well-known diskazine!
  • 20080225 –¬†rDOS3.3.FST
    The first non-Apple FST ever-released for the GS/OS environment.
  • 20080208 – The Great Contributor
    Without Jean-Marc Boutillon, aka Deckard, the Apple II Products section would not have been put online.
  • 20080207 – New topics & Documentation
    Latest news and Contact added,
    Apple II topic, Disk II, GS/OS and SecondSight new documents.
  • 20080206 –¬†Unreleased
    Lots of unreleased projects added.
  • 20080205 – Official grand opening!